Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Wahoo!  Two of my egg orders came in!  I feel like a kid on Christmas morning!

Heres the three boxes I got in: 1 from Beverley's Goose Hatchery and 2 from Bracken Ridge Ranch.  Oh, and that's the big fat cat I share my egging futon with.  His name is Schnooky and he really likes smelling eggs.

OK!  Let's unpack!

Squee!  Inside box number one, 90 Embed goose eggs! Yay!  Now on to the next two!

I love this!  Time to throw out the peanuts and unwrap each individual egg...theres a lot in here, trust me!

See!  Told you!  24 turkey eggs, 95 bantam, 38 bobwhite quail, and two freebie blue duck eggs!  Thats 249 eggs, including the goose eggs.  I am so ready for today!

Yahoo!  Applesauce: eaten!  Coffee: brewed!  Eggs: unpacked!  TIME TO GET CRACKING!

tehehe...you see what I did there?  I about to work on eggs...and I said time to get cracking...tehehe...

I'm full of bad egg puns, just ignore me :)

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