Friday, September 24, 2010

Big Reveal!

I'm a mass egger - meaning I work on a few dozen eggs at a time, working on all of them at once, color by color.  This is great because I usually finish them all at the same time too.  I find this to be much more effective time wise.  This is also great seeing as my favorite part is the final step, taking off the wax.  I'll build up a huge pile of finished, wax covered eggs, and then take all the wax off in one big go.  It's like Christmas morning!  I get to see all my hard work come to life right in front of me!  It's a wonderful feeling!  So, I want to share it with you too...

Here's the finished eggs, covered in wax.  Now it's time to go back to the exciting!

This is one in process.  I love wiping away the wax and seeing what the colors look like next to each other.  When I'm working on an egg, I have to guess as to what it will look like when it's done.  So seeing it all come together here is really satisfying.  

And here they are!  Wax free and ready for varnish!  I absolutely LOVE looking at a big pile of freshly finished eggs!  Yes, I may be the only one who's totally jazzed by eggs, but who makes me happy!

So there you have it! I'm back to work now, making more eggs and hopefully some new dyes today.  I'll keep you posted.  Thanks for looking!

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